Project Timeline

Phase Activities Timeframe
Initiation Phase
  • Initial meeting with the client
  • Requirement gathering
  • Project planning
Week 1-2
Design Phase
  • Develop design concepts
  • Client reviews and feedback
  • Finalize design plans
Week 3-6
Preparation Phase
  • Order materials
  • Schedule contractors
  • Prepare site for work
Week 7-8
Execution Phase
  • Demolition and site preparation (Week 9-10)
  • Framing and structural work (Week 11-13)
  • Electrical and plumbing installation (Week 14-16)
  • Finishing touches (Week 17-19)
  • Final inspection (Week 20)
Week 9-20
Quality Assurance Phase
  • Inspection and testing
  • Addressing any quality issues
Week 21
Completion Phase
  • Final walkthrough with the client
  • Address any remaining issues
  • Project handover
Week 22
Post-Completion Phase
  • Follow-up with the client
  • Address any additional needs or concerns
Week 23-24

Project Timeline

Initiation Phase (Week 1-2)

Initial meeting with the client, requirement gathering, project planning.

Design Phase (Week 3-6)

Develop design concepts, client reviews and feedback, finalize design plans.

Preparation Phase (Week 7-8)

Order materials, schedule contractors, prepare site for work.

Execution Phase (Week 9-20)

Demolition and site preparation, framing and structural work, electrical and plumbing installation, finishing touches, final inspection.

Quality Assurance Phase (Week 21)

Inspection and testing, addressing any quality issues.

Completion Phase (Week 22)

Final walkthrough with the client, addressing any remaining issues, project handover.

Post-Completion Phase (Week 23-24)

Follow-up with the client, addressing any additional needs or concerns.

Project Timeline